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The Megève show jumping is dedicated to the fight against cancer !


A team of volunteers join forces in the fight against cancer.In 2007, at the instigation of Annick LAURENT, a small group of women joined forces to form a collective action. The association’s mission is clear: organise different events and redistribute the funds raised to associations that are already fighting cancer.

Different events are organised, such as evenings, concerts, private sales, sponsored walks and other sports events. The energy of Annick and her team has rapidly proved to be very efficient with large sums being donated to several beneficiaries. Their talent lies above all in their ability to rally together a number of sponsors and well-known personalities as well as companies both from Haute-Savoie and elsewhere.

There is no shortage of events planned for the forthcoming years, and we encourage all those who would like to take part in this wonderful venture, whether in an active way or by simply sending a donation to the address below. They have the guarantee that their money will be used either directly and rapidly to help a child suffering from cancer or by  Professor Khayat’s Foundation, Avec.


Such initiatives are precious, bringing indispensable additional resources to those who share the realistic hope of rapidly overcoming this illness, which remains a curse even today.

Thanking you, and them.


Parc du Calvi - 55 Rue de l’artisanat

74330 POISY - Tél. +33 (0)4 50 24 51 38

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